Velo Plush Aero Saddle Unisex 1050

Velo Plush Aero Saddle Unisex 1050
Velo Plush Aero Saddle Unisex 1050 Velo Plush Aero Saddle Unisex 1050 Velo Plush Aero Saddle Unisex 1050
Brand: Velo
Product Code: V1050
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Velo Plush Bike Seat Saddle - Aero Saddle Unisex 1050

When it comes to comfort, Plush is always the first choice - no matter what your riding style or preference may be. Simply immerse yourself in Plush’s world of extraordinary comfort and it will soon become a vital part of your daily life, and so will cycling. Experience the benefits of a more active lifestyle and enjoy the maximum satisfaction of riding a Plush saddle!

The Plush series offers the perfect saddle for everyone. Urban and entry-level cyclists especially need a high quality saddle they can rely on. Plush saddles are engineered to meet a rider’s preferred riding position – Relaxed, Inclined and Aero – and designed to meet the particular needs of recreational cyclists, who require a comfortable saddle in order to enjoy cycling.  

This item is belongs to Aero Series, if performance is your priority and you ride fast, you body leans forward at a greater angle to be more aerodynamic. So your down force is more on your legs than your rear. Your legs need to be unobstructed. So the thinner, firmer , more streamline designed Plush seat is right.


Discover the champion within you!
Aerodynamic saddles designed for maximum speed and ultimate performance.

For competitive cyclists, whose bodies demand an aerodynamic riding position but don’t like to compromise on comfort. As the upper body’s leaning forward, added pressure is placed on the legs and rear, making a comfortable saddle all the more indispensable.

A thin, streamlined Plush saddle will help you compete comfortably at the highest level!


  • With narrower saddle legs can move faster, unobstructed

  • Performance riders use Less down force on the saddle

  • Double Density Base: The base is made from two different densities.  A light base features soft inserts. This provides you a firm saddle yet at the same time the softer inserts absorb pressure from bumps to give you a totally comfortable ride.

  • Arctech Suspension: The base provides superior support, because it allows the body to flex together with the seat, thanks to a patented ArcTech suspension. This suspension design with space here allows more flex and better shock absorption.

  • O-Zone: The 'O' hole in the base allows the cushioning to press down further making this seat kinder to the body's sensitive crotch area.

  • Gender: Unisex

  • Weight: 315 g

  • Size: 264x140 mm

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